Bone Machine Brew Co.





Bone Machine Brew Co. are a fierce craft brewery inspired by a love of stoner rock, cosmo punk, Russian music and an idiosyncratic sense of humour. Underpinning the apparent chaos lies great values of honesty, hard work and innovation. Aspects of this brief are credited to United by Design.


The logo represents “Bone Machine” by combining a mechanical cog into the jaw of a skull. The bold, stripped back brand mark expresses the brewery’s darker side while conveying their values.


A secondary mark was designed to allow the logotype and symbol to be separated- increasing the brand's flexibility.


This sturdy, bespoke typeface was modified to contain serifs and terminals that resemble bones, allowing the brand to be uniquely identifiable by type alone.


The illustrations allow the different beer styles to embrace their inspiration and express their individuality in subtle layers and meaningful symbolisms.