Kea Tutors


Kea Tutors are currently two teachers aspiring to start a business dedicated to providing 7-11 year old children with affordable, high quality tuition at an education centre in East London. They are down to earth, fully qualified teachers both with 5+ years experience teaching the national curriculum in British schools.


The Kea is a large species of parrot, known for their intelligence and curiosity. The mark above the “ea” represents the kea bird in addition to an open book. 


The primary brand colour is blue, which is used throughout the identity. The other colours represent the three subject areas taught by Kea Tutors.


The dip at the bottom of the holding shape has been extracted from the logo symbol. This shape has been implemented throughout the identity to create relationships between different elements.


Research outlined the value of trust within the tutoring industry. Above, trust is being conveyed through clarity, friendly profile photos and clear positive messaging- centred around the child.